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Brand Culture
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Brand values: China's technology, world temperature


We are convinced that Chinese culture returns people to the charm of happiness and harmony. With the development of society, language-free technology and lifestyle can no longer be replaced. We only integrate Chinese culture and technology perfectly, through technology products in life. Use and effectively spread Chinese culture to help people return to a happy and peaceful life;

Brand mission


Help people return to happiness and peace through a cultural and technological lifestyle

Brand Culture


Origin: life with temperature


"Man is the measure of all things, and warmth is the temperature of technology." On the occasion of the birth of the Keyi Technology brand, when the founder of the Zhengzhi Group, Mr. Zhu Xianjun, was happy, the fate of this was given to the “love” and “temperature” of Keyi Technology, which was doomed to be extraordinary.


"No matter how the future changes, [love] is always the only irreplaceable." This is the philosophical thought of life from Mr. Zhu Xianjun's happiness for the little daughter. Yi Ke Yi, "can" is beautiful, is valuable, "Yi" is peace and joy.


Through the cultural and technological lifestyle, helping people to live a happy, happy, joyful, is the mission of Keyi Technology. This is the expectation that Mr. Zhu Xianjun will be sent to the brand of Keyi Technology. This spirit always runs through Keyi Technology. Each of the products is the beginning of the creation of the Keyi technology brand.


With this expectation and vision, let technology have a temperature, so that the texture of life is within reach - Ke Yi Technology will be born and thrive!

"The world, only you one"

Keyi Technology, it not only symbolizes the father's love for his daughter, but also represents a reliable brand. Mr. Zhu Xianjun said, we must create a world of temperature, integrate the most sincere emotions and the warmest guardian into the most solid products, like the father guarding the children, like the stars shining on the night, accompanying everyone, telling the people around them. "I am here".


The beginning of every good story begins with a dream, and the end of every good story should also be adhered to.


In 2010, we officially opened Keyi Technology. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the tirelessness of the initial heart, strict control of the products, careful maintenance of the users, and finally fortunately integrating the ideals into the cause, combining the feelings with the technology, step by step. Up to now, there are many business sections, and the products are exported to foreign countries. In the future, we hope that through the company, we can assume a social responsibility and use science and technology and love to re-awake the importance of family and parent-child relationship in the steel city.


Only we know that it is not just a company, but Yi is an attitude.


Hardships are not easy, and both ups and downs are in the middle of a mind. We need something that feels firm when we do it, a world that feels good when we think about it.


Ke Yi is this small world. Ke Yi, the world is only you.

Cooyee LOGO meaning

The logo design of the logo is based on the letter “COOYEE”. The color uses dark gray as the main color, the orange color is embellished, the orange color can reflect the youthful passion and the gray is simple and generous, showing the authority and maturity.


The letter "OO" is transformed into an infinite pattern                 symbol, especially in the mood. At first glance, it is balanced, and it looks like a wrong body; it looks like a soundtrack, and it resembles a note; it is interlocking, connected to the left and right, and it is endless. "Culture" is connected with the "Science and Technology". The whole totem symbol has the meaning of Chinese traditional Chinese culture, the temperament of Taiji, and the infinite meaning. This is the technology of "Yiyi Technology". There is no end to innovation, and development will never stop. “Innovation and exploration is the perfect interpretation of Keyi’s “love” and “temperature”.