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Development path
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Development path





· The establishment of the company's parent company, the Smart Group, has been serving the mobile phone industry;




· The establishment of Keyi Technology, the opening of the intelligent era, the arrival of large-screen mobile phones, Keyi Technology observed the need for people to care for and protect the mobile phone, Keyi began to develop mobile phone protective film, and became the first in China to develop pet anti-glare membrane;




· Keyi Technology has begun the road of communication in the Chinese market. Mobile phone protective film has occupied 70% of the Chinese market. Keyi Technology has become the first brand of mobile phone protective film in China, and also for people's mobile phones.
   Protection awareness;




· Keyi Technology, China's first mobile phone glass film to restore the real machine, and led the mobile phone film industry to formally enter the glass film era;

· April. Huizhou Industrial Research and Development Zone, the establishment of the Xianda Information Company (Keyi Technology) base;


· In June, Xianda Group (Keui Technology) paid attention to people's life and business operations towards the era of science and technology. At the same time, the quality of food in life was threatened, adhering to a new investment in providing "safe food sources for people". Heyuan Xianda Food Company was established;




· Ke Yi and Zhongying, Mi Mi teamed up to launch a series of classic IP series "Marvel", "DC" and "Little Huangren", which set off an IP culture boom;




· The upgrade of "Cultural Science and Technology" proposes a new standard of Chinese science and technology, world temperature, and the combination of traditional Chinese culture and scientific and technological life, allowing people to return to a happy and peaceful life through a technological lifestyle;