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Brand introduction
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Zhu Xianjun

Group founder

· 2014 APEC APEC Business Leaders Summit Representative
· Representative of Chinese entrepreneurs in 2014-2018
· The first CPPCC member of Guangming District, Shenzhen
· Vice Chairman of the Guangming District Federation of Industry and Commerce (Deputy President of the General Chamber of Commerce)
· Standing Committee of Zijin County CPPCC
· Vice Chairman of Zijin County Federation of Industry and Commerce
· Vice President of Shenzhen Zijin Chamber of Commerce
· Director of Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association
· Executive Chairman of Guangming Branch of Shenzhen Zijinshan Culture Promotion Association
· Honorary Vice President of Ye Jianying Foundation of Guangdong Province
· Vice President of Heyuan City Agricultural Leading Association
· Founder of Xianda Group


Beauty is the starting point of everything. Beautiful things are very curative and bring people a "heart" lifestyle.


We continually pay tribute to the oriental culture, empower the oriental culture to technology, and let aesthetics go into life. Every product of Yiyi Technology is the creation of art, from technology to art, let the products give people the temperature of life. Energy helps people achieve harmony, happiness and joy.


We adhere to the spirit of "China's science and technology. The world's temperature", and convey the beautiful yearning for life and the return of nature.

Huang Qiuxiang

Ke Yi Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager

Brand introduction


Keyi Technology is affiliated to Xianda Group. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is a cultural technology operation platform integrating product development, production, sales and service.


Its products are exported to the United States, the Netherlands, Russia, Japan and other countries at home and abroad. It is the only personalized, content, and artistic cultural technology operator in China. It has a large R&D team, a rigorous production team, a professional marketing team, and The unique cultural education and aesthetic art team perfectly integrates culture and technology, let technology have temperature, and make the texture life at your fingertips, creating a new cultural and technological life and aesthetic life art products.


With 16 years of experience in market service, Keyi Technology has always adhered to the initial expectations of “love” and “temperature”, continuous research and development and iteration from technology to art, strict product control, perfect project development and marketing system, and a pair. One intimate after-sales service effectively promoted the brand standing of Keyi Technology in the 3C digital industry.