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The difference between tempered glass film and tempered glass
After the special surface treatment of the chemical strengthening of the glass, the hardness can be greatly increased, and the scratch resistance and the impact resistance of the glass can be improved without affecting the touch screen feel
A simple and easy way to solve the edging of tempered glass film
I don't know how it happened. I didn't stick it up. I used it for a week and found that the earpiece was curled up next to it, and then I saw a method on the Internet, perfect solution!
How to attach a tempered film to an iPhone
For the iPhone that is heavily purchased, the safety of the delicate apple can not be ignored. It is important to buy a good tempered film.
How to choose a good quality tempered glass film
Since its launch, tempered film has won the favor of many consumers! In the protective film industry, the price of tempered film is generally higher than that of ordinary protective film
What is a tempered glass film?
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Unusual glass precipitation in nitrate (KNO3) greatly increases the density of the glass surface while also increasing its strength. An increase in density can improve the scratch resistance.
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